Competition can be an opportunity

In Europe, the Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Service Centre market, nowadays more ofthen called GBS (Global Business Services) is booming. The real economical and political stability of the Central and Eastern European markets such as Poland, Romania or Hungary, to name a few, combined with a growing pool of available resources are a great starting point. More and more corporate organizations have started to centralize and move their entire processes from Western Europe and US in order to achieve goals set by the increasingly competitive markets.

Among the most universal KPIs of the projects realized especially in this area today, the success in transition plays a critical role. Transition means change, redesign, reassignment, but most of all it means communication. An environment in which experienced executives, high profiled managers and proven technical experts became the most important elements.

Needless to say, competition rises. The more BPO centres and SSC's are being established, the bigger the pressure on the recruitment market. But this is not just a threat. More risk means better prevention; more competition means better service. Translated into human resources: more managerial positions or executive opportunities means, sooner or later, more talents, more expertise, and more competence.